'Music is our life; our life is music' -  That's how we best describe ourself.
Music connects everything and everyone! This was already clear during my childhood; my 1st cassette recorder, LP (later CD) and a microphone that I could record things with. I listened to the radio for hours and was fascinated by the songs coming out of the speaker. I had to and would later do something with 'music'!

My fascination for music continued that I studied piano intensively for more than 10 years and gave many concerts. I obtained an honorable 2nd place for the National Music Jury at the Antwerp Conservatory ('89) and a laureate place for the international competition 'Jeunes Talents' in Brussels ('88).

After my studies Communication 'Press & Information' at the Plantynhogeschool in Antwerp, I started my DJ career in 1999 where I got the chance to become the regular face of my own 'DJ Nick in the mix' radio show at an Antwerp radio station. From that moment on I continued to grow. By raising the bar every time for myself and for my audience, 23 years later I am further than I dared to dream. Belgium, the Netherlands, but also beyond, I was able to show my passion to the public.

After 23 years of being active behind the decks, it's time for a new, young, passionate generation of DJs that I keep discovering from my own DJ academy How2DJ. As a result, we are a fully-fledged team of colleagues who are known for playing the commercial, danceable and recognizable genre. We listen to the client and are open to musical suggestions. Welcome to our site!
Team DJ Nick